What can be financed?

Motor Vehicle

New, Used and Demonstrator vehicles
Standard, Luxury and Vintage Cars, Utilities, Buses and Vans


Medical, Dental and Veterinary, General Healthcare and Scientific Equipment. (Both large and small ticket items): diagnostic systems, medical systems, imaging systems, endoscope systems, scientific research equipment, dental chairs, dental equipment, animal cages, operating theatre fit-outs, surgery fit-outs, home and office fit-outs, and much more.

Office Equipment / Furniture

Computers, Telecommunications, IT & Office Equipment including:
desktop PCs, laptops, servers, software, printers, faxes, photocopiers, PABXs, security & CCTV systems, Lighting, data cabling, partitions, furniture, renovations and much more.


Artworks, Antique Furniture and Rugs, for Practice, Consulting Rooms, Offices, Suites, Reception, Home offices, etc. (Galleries and Auction Houses)

Fixtures & Fittings

Medical, Dental and Veterinary Practice Fit outs, including Medical Centres and Hospitals. Office and Shop Fit-outs also available.

Industrial Plant Equipment & Machinery

Industrial Plant Equipment & Machinery, printing presses, robotic assembly devices, factory automation, production line equipment, forklifts and lifts, engineering equipment, and much more.

Heavy commercial vehicles

New and Used Trucks, Buses & Heavy Commercial Vehicles – trucks (any size), prime-movers, buses, tractors, tankers, cranes, and more.

These vehicles can be either registered or unregistered (e.g. for use exclusively in a quarry or on a resort, golf course etc)

Earth Moving Machinery

New and Used trucks, earth-movers, excavators, bobcats, and much more.
(Note: Loans terms of up to 10 years are often available, dependent on usage and wear and tear).